Message from President

Namaskar and greetings from Consortium Nepal.

We derive great satisfaction from announcing the launch of our new website, accompanied by a comprehensive digital resource center on Child Participation, documenting the extensive endeavors of Consortium Nepal. Consortium-Nepal has diligently employed various strategies to accomplish its ultimate objective of promoting child participation at the familial and governmental levels in Nepal. Its vision revolves around a society wherein children revel in their rights as esteemed citizens. Established in 1999, it gained formal registration with the District Administrative Office in Kathmandu in 2013.

Having traversed over two decades, Consortium-Nepal’s prolonged journey has been truly inspiring and invigorating. Such achievements have been made possible thanks to dynamic leadership, responsible and hard-working secretariat members, as well as unwavering support and guidance from advisors and former presidents. As a network, Consortium-Nepal now encompasses 91 member organizations in all seven provinces of Nepal, and its reach continues to expand.

Nepal has made remarkable strides in upholding children’s right to participation. It is crucial for us to reaffirm our commitment to the implementation of the Constitution of Nepal, Children’s Act, and Regulation. By providing space and inclusive opportunities for expression, information sharing, association, and involvement in decision-making, we empower children and young individuals as active citizens facilitating to ensure their civic space.

Through this message, I seize the opportunity to express my unwavering dedication to exploring the multifaceted aspects of information pertaining to Child Rights through this portal. I trust that this communication initiative will help us maintain close ties with our well-wishers. Finally, I extend sincere gratitude to all member organizations, board members, provincial committees, development partners, advisors, former presidents, and child advisory board members. I sincerely hope that their continued support for Consortium-Nepal remains steadfast.