Nirdesh Subedi

<strong>Nirdesh Subedi</strong>

Nirdesh Subedi was born in 2062 at Pokahar-11 Kaski. Currently he is studying in grade 12 SOS Hermann Gmeiner Secondary School Gandaki. He likes singing, travelling as well as exploring new things. He have been involved in metropolitan child forum   Pokhara as president, National Adolescents Boy’s Network as Vice-President and Leadership Forum Pokhara as secretary. He had attended two days life skills training organized by CWIN. Being a CAB member is a matter of pride for him. He found himself very lucky to be part of Consortium Nepal which actively works especially for Child Participation. For him, being a member of the CAB will provide the ideal platform for learning new skills, enhancing existing abilities, forming lifelong contacts, and furthermore contributing to the campaign of child rights through knowledge and experiences.