Dipendra Rajaili

<strong>Dipendra Rajaili</strong>

Dipendra Rajaili born in 2062 is from Nisdi, Palpa. He has done his higher study from Ram Tulashi Modern Secondary School and is planning to study bachelors in science.  He is passionate about travelling, reading and writing stories. He has the capacity to communicate knowledge in a way that is understandable to others .She aims to be a section officer and get a government job through the public service commission. He is actively involved in BES Nepal as Child Advisory Committee .It aim to empowering children for building the capacity. He received training from a rural municipality on alleviations of child marriages and climate change. Apart from happiness more responsibilities have been added as being a member of CAB.  In order to lessen concerns about child rights, he hopes to include the actual voice and needs of children in Child Led Reporting.